Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All I really want for Christmas is this...

Yes, ladies I have been drooling over this piece of furniture since last weeks Pier 1 circular. I even folded the page and told my husband that what I wanted for Christmas was all right there. His response: A muffled laugh and a "we can't afford that" comment(because of the $299 price tag). I was crushed. As I get older each year I find it harder to make up a Christmas list, and the one year I am POSITIVE of what I want, I get shot down. I blame it on this crappy economy. Darn. I will just have to wait for it to go on sale, and hope that it is still around. Can you blame a girl for trying?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost a month??!!

Yes, I know. I have been slacking when it comes to keeping up with this blog lately. I can't make any excuses I have just been lazy. Well can you believe that Christmas is almost here? I have been trying to avoid it really since the death of my mom. It's going to be hard. My mom would not want me to sulk on it though. So in honor of her memory I would like to look back on the positive things this year:

  1. My mom showed me how strong I could really be. And the fact that God sometimes has other plans for us.
  2. For my wonderful parents and the strong marriage they had and the awesome way they have raised (and still raising some of us) us. I'm sorry for all those times in my youth I told you both I hated was really just hidden love :)
  3. For finding the most supportive, amazing, loving husband and marrying him this October. It was truly the best day of my life.
  4. That hard work does pay off eventually. It may have taken me 8 years to finish college, but I did it and never gave up, I just wish my mom could have been there to see it. Not only did I make myself proud, but I have shown my brother's and sister's that we can do it.
  5. For the AMAZING friends, family and people in my life, I would have never gotten through the past months without them. I have such a strong support system, not many people can say that.

So with that said I have decided that this is my new life motto, I must be strong and accept what lies ahead.

I live for those moments in my life that take my breath away, that make me laugh until I cry and for those moments that everything that has happened in my life slowly makes me realize that it has made me a stronger person. I have been a lot of places, I have done a lot of things and I can't wait to continue to add to the things I have done and accomplished. I have come to accept the fact that my family is my backbone and that my parents are always right. I have learned that the secret to life is Karma, that you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else, that it is the most incredible feeling to care about people more than you care about yourself, that sometimes being passionate about something should almost bring you to tears and that letting go and forgiving is the greatest power we hold as human beings.

I am going to work on that letting go part, it's not going to be easy but I know I can do it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yet another year...

So it is my 27th birthday today. Like most women I am not afraid to admit my age, it is just a number and I really don't care what people think...I look 20 anyways. This particular birthday is very bittersweet, it is the first without my mom. You could say it has been somewhat of a "blah" day, and I have just been going through the motions. I feel so empty without her. I remember one year she forgot my birthday and I was so upset. How could a mother forget her first child's birthday? I would give anything for her to be here today and forget. They say it only gets better with time, I hope they are right because the hurt sucks right now. But I will suck it up and be happy because I know she would want me too. I love you mama, and one day we will meet again, but until then give me the strength to go on in life without you. I know I have it in me, it is just finding the strength is the problem. On a happy note I want to leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the two of us, months after I was brought into this world. Happy birthday to me!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes, I am a blogging virgin...

As I love to follow other blogs, I have finally decided to start my own. Not only to keep my friends and family informed, but maybe to just find who I am and help me to heal over the events in the last year. Needless to say it wasn't so "great in '08". I do have things to be grateful though. For example the marriage of my husband and I a little over a month ago. I love to write and here we go, hope those who follow don't get extremely bored with my life!