Thursday, August 20, 2009

The joys of employment

So this week has been a very strange week. First of all last week after being sick and doing too much thinking had me drained. What I could not talk about last week was my boss was leaving Friday for another firm. I work for a brokerage/financial firm as a Client Service Associate to Financial Advisers. In out industry it is not uncommon for a broker to "up and leave" with no notice to another firm, in fact this is how it is always done for the most part. My boss came over the Sunday before to my house to tell me he was leaving, and could not take me with him. Usually assistants go as well which means big signing bonuses and bargaining HR benefits. I have always known if he was to leave I would go with him...but he could not take me because the firm he was going to was very small and already had three sales assistants to eight brokers. I was really upset because he was the big reason I was staying there after I graduated last fall.

So now I have been looking everyday to find another job. Ughh, I am so unhappy with the toxic environment, but VERY grateful that I have job that so many in this time do not. Then to make matters even more stressful I have been having some strange symptoms that have me going crazy.

In the meantime I have my little sisters wedding this weekend, and a dress that suddenly is a little snug in some places. Oh the joys of being a bridesmaid! I will be extremely busy the nest two days with wedding festivities, but granted I am not too hungover on Sunday, I hope to share some pictures! Everyone have a great and blessed weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little under the weather

All of a sudden yesterday my glands were swollen, nose draining, and ear aching. I was sneezing every five seconds, and each hour I got worse. So today I am under my covers on the couch catching up with my friend DVR...with Tucker curled up by my feet. He knows I am sick, its amazing what animals know. I also have alot on my mind lately and am trying to sort things out. On Friday I will be able to share my feelings because right now I can't speak incase someone in my personal life reads my blog. So until then I hope everyone is healthy because this really stinks! Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kelly's Korner- Show Us Your Reception/Honeymoon

Well it's Friday again, which means Kelly's Korner!! I would like to apologize ahead of time because my pictures got uploaded out of order and I don't know how to fix it! Again, all pictures courtesy of Primoshots!

This first picture is of our first dance..."Better Together" by Jack Johnson. It became our song when Luke was in Iraq when we were first dating.

I thought that the photographer Mike got a great picture here of everyone dancing, and getting low!!

You can't have a fall wedding without some O-H-I-O...we are all huge fans in the bridal party as you can tell, plus my hubby was a little upset he was missing the game!

This picture is hilarious because it just so happens that my 10 year old brother caught the garter...and from the look on his face he was SO pumped about it. Thank goodness a little girl caught the throw away.

A honeymoon picture snuck in her ;0) Here we are on the beach in Rivera Maya, Mexico the week after...I wish I could have stayed there forever.

Here is our grand entrance to "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve, we were a little excited upon entrance.

We were nice cake eaters. I told him if anything got all over my face he was in trouble!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the cake able. I was so proud of how it turned out. Everything was perfect, even the cake!
Below, my maid of honor Kelly is giving the speech...I think I may be on the verge of tears here, happy ones though.

And last but not least, our maid of honor and best man strutting into the reception hall...yes with coolers! They thought that they were so clever!
I wish I go do it all over again...then on second hand no need for all the stress!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Need help...

If you have noticed I have a new header, but the size is messed up. I made this on, can anyone help to get this to fit in the header correctly? Thanks in advance!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finding the right words to say

A year ago August 1st, I did what I would have thought the un-thinkable: stand up and talk at my mom's funeral at 26 years old. I didn't think that I could do it, in fact my friend from work was sitting in the batters box waiting to come save me if I got out of control. But somehow I got AMAZING strength that day. I spoke from the heart, and hopefully made my mama and my family proud. Do you know we have HUGE building for a church and that it was packed, standing room only? You would have thought my mother was celebrity. I never knew she had touched so many lives; she did. She wanted me to speak that day so I did, and below is my words chosen ever so carefully. I would like to share them with you, since you have been such a great support system:

My mother wanted me to speak today because she told me she thought I was good with words. I find this one of the hardest writing assignments that I have ever had, not necessarily because of the situation, but because I don’t think I can put into words what she truly meant to all of us. She was amazing and inspiring, but even those I do not feel do her enough justice. What I do know is that she is incredible for fighting for so long and never being bitter to why it had to happen to her. She told me numerous times, “not to put a question mark where God put a period.” That is what she did; she never threw that question mark out there. She accepted what so many could not. Her strength was inspiring. I was blessed to have the opportunity to spend three weeks around the clock with her during Easter. It was at this time I saw another side of my mother. Any daughter would consider her mother wonderful and untouchable, but my awe extended past that when people I did not know came and visited my mom at the house. I heard stories of how she made an impact in their lives. I saw her in a new light, not as my mother, but instead the magnificent friend and role model she was to others. And as people came and went, there was one word which everyone used constantly: inspiring. I then realized they were right and she had been inspiring to her family and others her whole life. She truly felt God needed her early for a higher purpose, a spectacular, amazing purpose in heaven and that she would still be able to influence our lives from heaven. Whatever that higher purpose is, I know that she will give it all her heart, because that is what she did here on earth. I have never known someone who had so much love to give. That is the most important thing I have learned from my mother, is how to love others unconditionally, and because of her I have so much love to give. So today she would want us to celebrate the love she gave to so many of us. She told me she did not what this to be a somber occasion, but instead a celebration of the memories we shared with her. So while it may hurt to accept the fact that she is gone, look into your heart and feel the love she gave to each of you and remember that she is no longer suffering; instead she is fulfilling her higher purpose in heaven as I speak. As she is smiles down on us today, be thankful for the opportunity of knowing such an astounding person; cherish your memories and hold her in your heart forever. Sing loud today so that she can hear up above, she would love that. Though it will feel like eternity, we will see her once again at the heavenly gates. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful mother and to be able to carry on her love, faithfulness, strength, and humbleness for generations to come.

Fab giveaway

One of my favorite blogs and blog friends is having the cutest giveaway! Kristen over at Kristen's Palace is giving away a "Bag Full of Blessings". She has one of the most inspirational blogs you will read. So if you want something new to read, and want to hear the words of a strong young women go check her out you won't be sorry!