Thursday, August 20, 2009

The joys of employment

So this week has been a very strange week. First of all last week after being sick and doing too much thinking had me drained. What I could not talk about last week was my boss was leaving Friday for another firm. I work for a brokerage/financial firm as a Client Service Associate to Financial Advisers. In out industry it is not uncommon for a broker to "up and leave" with no notice to another firm, in fact this is how it is always done for the most part. My boss came over the Sunday before to my house to tell me he was leaving, and could not take me with him. Usually assistants go as well which means big signing bonuses and bargaining HR benefits. I have always known if he was to leave I would go with him...but he could not take me because the firm he was going to was very small and already had three sales assistants to eight brokers. I was really upset because he was the big reason I was staying there after I graduated last fall.

So now I have been looking everyday to find another job. Ughh, I am so unhappy with the toxic environment, but VERY grateful that I have job that so many in this time do not. Then to make matters even more stressful I have been having some strange symptoms that have me going crazy.

In the meantime I have my little sisters wedding this weekend, and a dress that suddenly is a little snug in some places. Oh the joys of being a bridesmaid! I will be extremely busy the nest two days with wedding festivities, but granted I am not too hungover on Sunday, I hope to share some pictures! Everyone have a great and blessed weekend!


Taryn said...

I am sorry to hear about your boss. Good luck finding a job. It is not a happy experience.

Hope the wedding went well- I am looking forward to pics!

Lyr said...

Came across your blog and I’m sorry about the job. Praying that everything works out for ya! Love the blog!

Meant to be a mom said...

Hey I got your message on my blog. Thanks for following!
I wanted to answer your question about the paint in Coops room. Its from Lowes, I think the brand is called Valspar and the color is Latte. Our living room, kitchen and halls are all that color, so we just left his room that color for convenience. Since we already liked it.

Sorry to hear about your job situation. I hope you find something better and your happier wherever you go.