Monday, April 27, 2009

My Mama Monday

Just sitting on my porch tonight enjoying the nice weather here in Ohio. Eighty-six degrees doesn't happen often here in April. I did not know what to post tonight, and behold God let me know with the weather. I love my front porch, and it is probably one of my most favorite things about my house. The reason is because as a child we sent many of nights sitting on the front porch. My dad, my mama, and my siblings. My parents loved to sit on the porch watching the traffic, thunderstorms and anything else that was interesting. I remember the most is my mom ALWAYS having a beer with my dad. Guess what I am doing right now? Yeah you guessed it, sitting here with a Miller Chill, my mama's favorite beer as well as mine, wishing I could share this moment with her on my porch. We didn't get any of those being we bought our house months before she got sick. It's days like these that I miss her the most. When I think about the memories we will never get to share. It just happened so quick, and I think of the things I wish I would have taken the time to do as an adult with her. So do me a favor, tonight call your mom, whether you are close or not, and let her know how much you love her and appreciate all she has just never know if there will be a day when you can not share those thoughts with her.


Taryn said...

Thanks. I will call her today at lunch. Phone talking is hard for my mom and I (while we do great in person) so I just don't call her much. But you are right- I need to. Thanks.

mary evelyn said...

thank you for sharing this memory. i love front porches, and will one day own a porch with one.

the gathering place in the summer at my house (or my parents house) is the deck. when i lived with them, we would have happy hour out on the deck every night after we all came home from work. my dad would usually start out there with us, but he would wander off to do something in the house leaving my mom and me to talk about...whatever. those are special moments, and i'm sure your mom was with you sharing that moment with you.

mary evelyn said...

oh goodness, i meant to write *and will one day own a HOUSE with one.

haha, i'm retarded.