Friday, January 2, 2009

A look back at 2008

So since I have not posted for a week or so I thought I would tie up the year in this post. With regards to Christmas, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Christmas Eve was hard but that was mainly due to be at my mom's parents house...kinda weird without her there. Well let's take a flashback and count down the year:

  • The year started out crapy in regards that we knew my mom was very sick with cancer. Come Feburary her second chemo was doing well until we found that her cancer had spread to her bones, this pretty much ruined the year. She kept on fighting for months.
    On July 23, 2008 my mom went to be with my sister and the Lord in Heaven, this turned out to be one of the hardest things I would ever have to deal with. The ONLY comfort was the fact that she was no longer in pain.

  • The week my mom died, we rescued a runt kitten from the farm across the streets from my parents house. We named him Casey Blake after my favorite baseball player. He is so loving and amazing creature.

  • On August 18 I graduated from Kent State University with my B.A. in English. Such a bittersweet day. I was so proud of my self but this would be one of the many "firsts" milestone moments in my life that my mom would not be there. She would have been so proud. My dad gave me my graduation party as promised and it was a blast. My eight years of work finally pulled through.

  • On October 4th I married my best friend, and love of my life Luke. What a beautiful and another bittersweet day. Our day was perfect and I knew my mother was looking down on us from heaven. I truly realized what an amazing family I have and joined.

  • We also rescued a puppy Tucker who has become a great asset to our new family. He is so tuned into my feelings and brings a smile to my face (when he is not into trouble).

All of these milestones in the year of 2008 have made me a stronger person. While I would have chose a different path for someof these, I can't change God's plan. So I can only pray that everything will be fine in '09! Happy New Year to everyone and may you have a blessed year!


The Mrs said...

I gave you an award!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

My mother had follicular lymphoma for three years and this was her first year cancer free, I cannot even imagine what you have gone through. They say if God brings you to it, he'll bring you through it. Your a brave woman, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours. Happy new year!