Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Goals for the New Year

So I am a little late here...but I figure that I must put them in writing or I will never follow up on them. Here are the things that I want to accomplish (in no particular order) by year's end:

  1. Finish and pass my Series 7 exam for work-this is more for economical reasons
  2. Go to the gym and actually be physically fit for our one year anniversary in October!
  3. Be more organized and husband loves to leave his trails around the house but I am just as guilty!
  4. Do my hair and makeup everyday during the work week (I have really gotten too comfy not doing this)
  5. Build our patio and a place for my mom in our backyard
  6. Possibly think about Grad school???
  7. Re-build my relationship with God...I have been pushing him away due to last years mother would be upset if she knew I was holding grudge against him right now.
  8. Try to cook dinner at least 3 times a week (I get super lazy sometimes)

Hopefully these are goals that I can accomplish within the next 12 months...if you put you mind to it anything is possible! Wish me luck!

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